10 Types of Sarees for Indian Traditional Festival


When we talk about sarees, India is one of the richest. Indians celebrate all festivals which makes them unique in their way, no matter what is their occasion is, Be it down south or up north, every region has something spectacular to offer – different cuisines, rituals, changed clothes and so much more.

1.Party Wear Sarees

Party Wear Sarees

Regardless of how you wear or style it, a saree is an Indian exemplary that the Bharatiya Nari cannot manage without. On the little chance that you are vigilant for extraordinary looking and spending plan inviting partywear sarees to look delightful in this wedding season, Myntra is the best spot to be and even if you need in the USA then wholesale sarees catalog.

Take your pick from eight and nine yards by top ethnic wear brands like Chhabra 555, Saree Mall, Inddus, Ishin, Triveni, Saree Swarg, Kalista and so many more. Make an entrance in a chic partywear saree that suits your character to a tee sign in to our site or versatile application right away.

2. Haldi Sarees

Haldi Sarees

The Haldi ceremony-at whatever point we hear this term in setting to Indian weddings, it realizes peaceful and glad visuals of ladies, including the lady of the hour, clad in yellow sarees or other conventional articles of clothing, as lehengas or suits. While, the lady of the hour is an incredible sight, with turmeric glue applied all over her face and appendages, vivacious, excited family members are additionally no less.


A similar custom is held at lucky man’s home as well – however, it’s just the ladies society in the family, who are seen in ravishing Haldi Sarees – in shifting shades of the brilliant and intense yellows. Regularly lucky man’s sister conveys Haldi and Mehendi to the lady of the hour’s home, wearing such energetic window hangings. So ethnic, rich Haldi Sarees are essential to any Indian wedding.

3. Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees

The saree goes back to the Indus Valley Civilization and has been the pride of India ever since. Along with the lehenga choli, women, suits, Anarkali suits and Kurtis, cotton sarees are an absolute necessity claim with regards to customary Indian clothing. Your assortment of sarees will stay deficient without a ‘cotton ki saree’. Thus, make sure to do your cotton sarees web-based shopping before summer comes around.

4. Georgette Sarees

Georgette Sarees


There has been an expansion widespread of sarees in the previous barely any years, with an ever-increasing number of superstars advancing it our customary clothing has increased a great deal of force. Sarees have been developing since its creation, and the number of textures utilised in its advancement has crossed its cutoff points. One of the best kinds of saree is georgette saree. It is so light in weight and shows a general fun look that each Indian lady needs to try it out.


Georgette sarees are exquisite and carry an ever-enduring tastefulness to the wearer. There is an enormous assortment of georgette sarees and its hues accessible at Peachmode, for example, georgette sarees with creator pullover, or you can settle on party wear georgette sarees and a lot more styles and plans.

5. Handwoven Sarees

Handwoven Sarees


Handwoven has been an essential part of the Indian legacy since days of yore. Craftsmans work for a considerable length of time and consume the midnight oil to concoct one bit of handwoven marvel into which they have put their substance.

In any case, this rich culture is ebbing endlessly. It is as a rule gradually covered under the heap of copies that are being influenced lingered and being made look like hand-lingered by indigenous makers for simple benefit.


6.Taant from West Bengal

Taant from West Bengal

A traditional saree from the land of West Bengal, it is made of cotton, and it is used in the daily ware outfit of many in Bengal. It’s light, comfortable to wear, and the thick border and beautiful prints make it a must buy.


7.Kasavu saree Kerala

Kasavu from Kerala


Also called Settu saree, it was traditionally only a mundu (a dhoti), a blouse and a stole that went across the waist. A lot of old ladies still keep this style alive. The Kasavu saree is a modern version and is characterized by a thick golden border, which is woven with threads of real gold. However, keeping up with the times, it has diversified to include colors and artificial threads.

8.Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu

Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu


The sovereign of sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees are produced using a generally woven silk from the district of Kanjeevaram. The sarees are wealthy in shading and surface. They are luxurious, refined and elegant, across the board wrap.

9.Paithani from Maharashtra


The Paithani saree is a strength of Aurangabad. The handwoven silk saree is excellent and exquisite. Its zari outskirt, subtle themes, and the intermittent peacock configuration is the thing that separates this saree.

10.Muga saree Assam

Muga from Assam


An exceptional sort makes the Muga silk sarees from Assam of silk delivered by a hatchling that feeds on fundamentally two single leaves. The subsequent silk from this hatchlings is known to be the best. It is shiny and entirely reliable. You can locate the brilliant strings of the Muga just in Assam.

These collections are also called as Indian designer sarees and many websites you would find this under designer sections.




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