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5 Myths About Wholesale Saree Catalogues That are Absolutely Wrong

The main point that distinguishes wholesale from retail is the goods’ quality and affordability. While many people believe that wholesale clothing is of poor quality and lacks the value of retail clothing, they must remember that retailers, too, buy all of their products wholesale. With this blog, we hope to bust the myths related to wholesale saree catalogue through online e-commerce websites. 


What consists of a wholesale saree catalog?

Online stores that sell wholesale items like SM Creation have a section on their website that is called the wholesale saree catalogue. These catalogues consist of sarees that are made from different materials, have different designs and stitching patterns, are meant for different occasions, etc.

From normal daily cotton sarees to wholesale Banarasi sarees, there is a wide variety of sarees that might pique the interest of buyers, 


What are some myths related to wholesale clothes purchasing?

  • Wholesale clothes are recycled: Is it true?

There is always some speculation regarding wholesale clothing. Nearly everyone who has purchased or wishes to purchase from wholesale has the question, “Is this an original or recycled?”, in their minds. The truth is that most wholesale clothes are original and not recycled. Wholesale clothes are authentic and come with warranty tags. Other documentation papers that support authenticity are signs of a genuine website. 

It is also important to note that some dedicated wholesale clothing websites are for recycled clothes and cater to that niche only. 

  • It’s too cheap, the material must be bad

The most common misconception about purchasing wholesale saree catalogue online is that the quality of the saree is poor because it is priced too low. We get queries like this nearly every single day. In the clothing industry, the quality of a product is directly proportional to the price that is placed on it, which has become a stereotype of sorts. 

Though a common myth, this is not true. The nature of wholesale is to sell products as per the manufacturing cost with a margin of profit for the dealer who is selling the product.  This is the prime reason why wholesale products are cheaper compared to those that are in retail. 

  • Wholesale distributors disregard customers’ requests

When someone imagines what a wholesale shop would look like, the common stereotype is a pile of clothes and a frenzy of shoppers who want to get the best possible price on a quality product. Though there is a stereotype for physical wholesale shops across the country, online wholesale is quite different. 

Good websites that sell wholesale items and have categories for products listed not only have a varied range of products, but also include customer requests. The biggest sign that a wholesale website is a good and legit one is its willingness to accept customer requests and provide goods as per the customers’ choice.

  • Global wholesale websites are more trustworthy than Indian websites

Global wholesale websites list a better range of goods. These sites also come with the added risk of having delivery issues or being fake. 

While global websites have more options, Indian wholesale websites are more accessible to customers in India. In comparison, when it comes to authentic traditional clothes that come listed in the saree category with price, it is nearly impossible to resist the wide collection of items that are up for grabs.

  • Duplicate products dominate the wholesale market

The most important feature of buying from a wholesale provider was indeed the duplication of items that were nearly identical to the original. Though this was the norm, now there is a different definition of wholesale markets completely. Wholesale products are as good as online stores that directly get their supplies from producers and manufacturers. In addition, the prices are affordable for customers and they come with a guarantee of purchased from a trusted online wholesaler.

There is some truth behind wholesale products being dupes for luxury brands. Irrespective of the good, no trading can take place without abiding by the rules set down by the Government.

wholesale saree catalogue

Tips for customers purchasing wholesale saree catalogue

Wholesale items can be quite daunting for customers who do not have the experience or the exposure to purchasing from wholesale. The best way to tackle this is to understand the basic checklist, especially when purchasing from wholesale of what to look out for and what to avoid.

For customers who are purchasing wholesale clothes for the first time, we have compiled a list of do’s and don’t’s.


1.Check the online wholesale website thoroughly. Good wholesalers will have an easy-to-navigate website while hoax wholesalers will have a buffering and lagging website.

2.Check the enlistment of products. Wholesale websites cannot have a dump of products for the customers to choose from. Websites need to properly categorize and tag their products for the ease of customers. This also improves the navigation on the site and makes it prone to more traffic.

3.Go to Google and see reviews. Google is the most trustworthy when it comes to reviews. Good and legitimate businesses have a ton of reviews about different customer’s experience with the site. 

4.Confirm that there is a valid customer service system. Websites that have no mention of customer service or contact details are a complete no-no. There should be transparent and clear communication from the website to the customer about contact details and all other policies that the wholesaler is following.

5.Check for originality. It’s not very difficult to find wholesale websites that sell original and authentic products. Authentic websites will have certificates or some form of documentation for the selling of wholesale clothes. Wholesalers selling “originals” products must have documentation that properly supports their claim of authenticity.


1. Click on any ad. A lot of websites that claim to be wholesaler sites come with click baits and banners that are meant to fool and distract customers while they seamlessly spend more time on the site. Authentic websites are original and devoid of all distractions.

2. Make a purchase unless you are sure. Purchasing from a wholesaler online is a type of commitment to the website. Unless the site is 100% authentic, there should be no payment commitments or details shared.

3. Fill out inquiry forms and other details. If the wholesale website online is not an authentic seller then be prepared to be spammed heavily from the site. This can also lead to identity and data theft n extreme cases.

4. Base purchase decisions on the recommendation of a friend. No matter how good a friend is, purchase decisions are personal and require your own unique judgment. Trust your intuition when purchasing from an online whole saree catalog provider


In Conclusion,

There are myths and superstitions associated with the buying and selling of wholesale items. Though retail items are mostly trusted, there is a tonne of benefits and advantages to purchasing an item from wholesale. These websites not only save time, and give better quality products, but also is cheaper as compared to retail. Customers who are looking to get their hands on a designer saree, lehenga, or kurti, can visit our website to check out our unique collection. 



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