10 Different Ways to Style Wholesale Surat Saree This Winter Season 

10 Different Ways to Style Wholesale Surat Saree This Winter Season 

Winters bring the extra stress of layering clothes in a stylish way. When it comes to Indian ethnic, layering becomes more complicated. For those who love wearing saree often feel confused about styling their Saree in such a way that it looks stylish yet keeps you warm. If you are planning to wear a saree to your best friend’s wedding this winter season, check out the large wholesale surat saree range of SM Creation. 

Let’s kill your dilemma of layering a saree this winter season with the exclusive fashion tips below: 

How to do Saree layering during winter? 

Who wouldn’t like to wear a saree in winter? But, during chilly nights the usual concern is the layering over the saree. Styling a saree with warm clothes or in such a way that keeps you cosy is quite a challenge. However, styling wholesale surat saree can be done in the following three ways:

  • Pick Warn Fabric – If you don’t like to layer up, opt for a thick and warm material saree fabric like velvet or saree. If you are choosing a thick fabric, you might not need any layering. However, velvet is considered the best fabric for winter to slay the ethnic look. Go for the bold-coloured and shiny velvet saree. For best sarees, check out the wholesale Surat saree catalogue. 
  • Full Sleeve Blouse – Time to say goodbye to the sleeveless or backless blouse. Pick a full sleeve blouse to beat the winter chills. Moreover, you can opt for materials like velvet or silk for blouses. There are even knitted wool blouses that can be styled with the designer saree from the SM Creations saree catalogue. 
  • Leg Warmer – For the lower body, you can wear leg warmers under the petticoats. These warmers keep your body warm without spoiling the whole look. 

Style Saree in 10 Different Ways During Chills 


  • Wear with Short Kurti 


Wearing a saree with short Kurti looks pretty different and stylish. Full sleeves Kurti will save you from the chills. For a modern winter look, pick an embellished Kurti design with a plain or embroidered saree and plain Kurti. Drape the pallu and adjust it on the shoulder. Besides this, for cowl effects keep the lower pallu loose and slay winters with this contemporary look. Additionally, you can even wear this look to your professional meetings. 


  • Velvet Sarees and Blouse


Velvet is the most common fabric in winter. The vibrant, shiny look with the warmth in the material makes it quite a favourite of all fashion influencers during chills. A velvet blouse can be worn with any saree like cotton, or georgette,  from designer sarees catalogues. 

Moreover, velvet sarees are the best ethnic attire for wedding events. These sarees are extremely warm and shiny which gives an edgy look to you. 


  • Pair up with Long Jacket 


A long jacket with a saree is nothing less than a lavish look. It gives you modern vibes and keeps you warm during winter. Choose a long embroidered jacket to layer over a saree. Go for dark and bold colours during winter. Also, SM Creation has this exclusive wholesale surat saree collection that will complete your wedding look. 


  • Slay With Shawl


No matter how many trends come and go, this one is going to stay forever. Nothing looks more elegant and sophisticated than styling a saree with a shawl. A velvet and pashmina shawl just makes the look more gorgeous. However, there are numerous ways to drape a shawl around a saree for a chic look. 

Besides this to enhance the look accessorise it with flowers and jewellery. 


  • Style with Blazer


People often doubt styling a saree with a blazer, but this is the winter of 2022 winters – modern yet cosy. Time to layer your saree with a blazer and rock this winter season. For a more stylish look go for open hair, and a statement choker and you are ready to slay the indo-western outfit look. 


  • Try Saree with Cape


This one is for all the fashion influencers, who want to try something new to jazz up the classic saree. How about styling a saree in this winter wedding season with a matching cape for the contemporary spin? 

Also, the cape breaks the mentality of a saree being too Indian to wear. It adds the aroma of westernisation along with giving you warmth on chilly nights. 

 Wholesale Surat Saree
10 Different Ways to Style Wholesale Surat Saree This Winter Season


  • Trench Coat Statement 


Winter is incomplete without a trench coat. The absolutely stylish and warm winter fashion statement. Therefore, pick your trench and layer it over the saree to get the Instagram influencer look. Throw some jewels to enhance the look and you are ready to slay cocktail parties.

Planning to wear a saree to your cousin’s wedding? Have you checked SM Creation’s designer saree catalogue exclusively designed for big events?


  • Throw Sass with White Shirt 


Yes, a white shirt can save all your fashion statements whether it’s Indian or western. To slay the winter’s time, ditch the traditional blouse and pair it with a white shirt for a casual chic look. The charm of a white shirt is different and also keeps you warm. Wear some oxidised silver earrings with a messy bun. Oh, Girl! You are Slaying. 


  • Glow Up with TurtleNeck 


Can we even spend our winters without wearing high necks or turtlenecks? High necks are like a winter staple available in every person’s wardrobe irrespective of gender. Time to take out that old high neck to pair it with your saree for the fashion magic. Moreover, to enhance the look, wear raani haar and you are looking nothing less than a Rani itself. 


  • Dynamic Look with Denim 


Denim is that piece of apparel that never goes out of style or season. Styling denim with a saree gives you a boho and chic look for winter. Moreover, denim gives a fresh look to the whole Indian attire. It makes you look young and a free-spirited fashionista.


Tips To Remember While Styling Saree

  • Don’t follow any particular Saree draping style. Choose different styles like Bengali, Nivi Style or Gujarati. 
  • While choosing a blouse consider the fabric so that you can avoid extra layering. 
  • Also, a bad hairstyle can spoil the whole look. So, if you are wearing an elaborate blouse, tie your hair up or in a plait. 
  • Pay attention to the footwear. Choose wisely. Also, keep your option open for both heels and flats. 



Ditch the thought of wearing something else in this wedding season and buy a saree from SM Creation’s saree catalogue. We have a wide range of designer, embroidered and printed sarees that goes perfectly with this winter wedding season. And, we have already solved your concern about layering in an elegant way. 

Time to Slay in a Saree!

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