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Banarasi Sarees Catalog at Wholesale Price

Banarasi sarees is the art of gold and silver brocade or zari work done on silk. The art is done in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The special characteristics of this sarees is that they have intricate Mughal designs. Depending on the designs and patterns it takes 15 days, a month or even six months to complete a saree.

The wholesale saree surat are mostly worn on special occasions and functions. They are also worn at weddings. They are heavy due to the intricate designs and engravings. The weaving of brocades with intricate designs using gold and silver threads on sarees are the specialty of Banaras since Mughal period.

Varieties of Banarasi Silk Sarees

There are mainly four varieties of Banarasi sarees that includes Pure silk banarasi saree that is Katan, Organza or Kora, Georgette Banarasi saree, and Shattir. On the basis of designs they are classified into jangla, tanchoi, vaskat, butidar and tissue. The pure silk sarees are most famous among all of them. It is a soft and fine variant of silk saree. The patterns are first drawn on the paper and then printed on the saree. The pattern is print on multiple sarees at the same time by keeping the saree in a row. They are found in dark and royal colors. They are one of the most preferred silk sarees.

Trend of Banarasi Sarees

These sarees are never going to be out of trend. They are very attractive and royal. Every woman has a special place in her wardrobe for these sarees. The intricate design of the attire makes it look super gorgeous and you can be the limelight of the party where you wear it. Not only Indian women, celebrities are also very fond of these sarees. We can see our Bollywood divas flaunting themselves in beautiful banarasi silk sarees in movies as well as real life. They like to wear them at events and parties.

The outfit is made with due care and effort. It’s not an easy task to draw alluring designs with golden and silver threads. It takes a lot of time and hardwork. The richness and royalty of this saree makes it one of the best among all other silk sarees. The attire is popular among women since ages. It’s shiny and shimmery appearance increases the beauty of this outfit.


Katan is a plain fabric with weave pure silk threads that are contort and weave into pure silk sarees. These pure silk sarees are presently deliver utilizing powerlooms and quick weavers, in old occasions Katan sarees were weave utilizing handlooms with a wonderful formation of examples and themes.

2.Organza (Kora) With Zari and silk-

Brocades are making with wonderful and lavishly woven fabric where the examples are pattered with various plans making by twist and weft.


It is a finely weave light fabric with a basic and plain weave. This fabric is make of crepe yarn where S bent and Z curved yarns are joined with both warp and weft. This fabric is generally well known in present day types are utilized to delivered fashioner sarees, Bollywood georgette sarees, and most recent salwar kameez plans.


Shattir is another fabric that is utilize in making selective and contemporary structures of Banaras sarees.

The 5 Different Designs

1. Jangla

These styles of sarees are weave in brilliant silk threads. The name of this sari gets from the example of plan that recognizes it from other Banarasi sarees. It has mind boggling Jangala designs in type of Jangala vegetation theme that parchments and spreads over the length of the sari. These sarees are accepts to be antiquate ones among Banaras brocades. Extraordinary plans and complex itemizing with luxurious fabric make this sari adept for wedding ceremonies.

2. Tanchoi

Lovely ‘Jamawar’ style paisleys or Labyrinth woven by zari enhances this silk sari making this suitable for wedding services. Craftsmans from Banaras weave designs on these sarees with beautiful weft silk yarns. In addition, these pallu of this sari are frequently enlive with huge themes of paisleys while the outskirt is improve with befuddle designs.

3. Cut Work Saree

These sarees are usually allude as the more affordable form of Jamdani sarees. This sort of sarees is set up by cut work technique on plain surface. Silk Jamdani sari is delivers by setting scarcely any twist strings with cotton sarees and to create customary plan designs.

However, the most well known themes which includes in cut work sarees are jasmine, marigold flowers, creepers, and leaves. Exceptional examples of cut work sarees are making from selvage to selvage, which looks like the structure of Jamdani.

4. Tissue Sarees 

Gently weave sarees with brilliant zari weft adds sheen to these tissue sarees, and in this way it is otherwise calls the brilliant fabric. In addition, most mainstream plans utilizes in tissue sarees are brilliant zari weave lotus coasting in a brilliant lake, where the water drops are structure with cut-work system. Above all, the fringe and pallu of the sari are design with self weave paisleys.

5. Butidar Sari

Inimitable feature of Butidar sarees is that it is a richly weaven sari that is brocad with strings of gold, silver, and silk. Gold is darker in conceal when contrasted with silver strings. Subsequently the weavers of Banaras allude to this assortment of brocade designing as Ganga-Jamuna.

Match some Traditional Accessories:

For a full-fledged Indian look pair some traditional accessories with your attire. In other words, let’s have a look on some of the common accessories worn with this attire to look ravishing.


This small piece of jewellery is very attractive and stunning. You can wear one or more than one ring on each hand. Similarly, the jewellery not only wear on sarees it is also pair with salwar suits, kurtis, skirts and mostly every attire.


There are many varieties of necklaces. However, they are small, long and chokers. Kundan haar is a special match with banarasi sarees. The type of necklace depends upon the pattern of the neck of your blouse, for wide neck chokers and short necklaces look better.


Pair bold and traditional earrings with your outfit. Big round earrings studded with colored stones and pearls will be a great match with your banarasi saree. Along with it, you can also pair heavy jhumkas with this attire.


Women pair gold or silver anklets with sarees. As a result, this accessory completes your entire traditional look. You can also wear artificial anklets that have colorful beads and hangings attached to a thin chain.

Our Collections:

We offer you a wide range of Banarasi sarees in rich colors and designs. We have the most famous red color for brides. In other words, you can also buy the saree in popping orange, royal blue, green, pinka and attractive black and golden. All the colors are elegant and graceful and give you a perfect traditional look. We have all the varieties of banarasi sarees in the royal fabric silk. Pair this beautiful saree with a matching blouse that contains appealing designs and embroidery work with golden and silver color threads.


The earliest mention of the brocade and zari textile of Banaras was found in the 19th century. The weaving of Banarasi sarees started in the city after migration of silk weavers from Gujarat. Millions of people associated directly or indirectly with the handloom silk industry work in the region. The sarees make from with due attention and care as they are the heavy sarees that have tiny detailed designs and patterns. Therefore, the sarees are famous since Mughal era and are still in the top list of sarees. They dye in natural colors obtained from plants, flowers and fruits including maddar, pomegranate, butea, and marigold. Reach out to us here

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