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Styling Designer Wholesale Surat Saree For The Perfect Corporate Look!

Designer Wholesale Surat Saree for office!! Yes, why not??? Office fashion has undergone a significant transition, particularly for women, as more and more Indian women enter the industry. When Indian women first entered the business world, attire for women was mainly about modesty. The importance of looking well or being comfortable wasn’t high. It was more crucial to remain hidden. Workwear for women started to become more intriguing and daring gradually as more women entered the corporate world and significant societal shifts occurred.

Women in India began experimenting with western clothing as a result of having more purchasing power and changing employment positions. When it comes to women’s work attire today, western clothing has become the standard. It’s interesting to note that Indian ladies have never stopped combining western clothing with formal workplace attire. Indian women always have a variety of alternatives when it comes to their business clothing, and sarees unquestionably manage to find a place in it.

Although the Designer Wholesale Surat Saree has always been a great option for business dresses, its acceptance has drastically decreased. With a few exceptions, including those in the healthcare, hospitality, and education sectors, women in the corporate sector want to make a statement with their work suits. There are a few additional elements that contributed to this severe transformation in addition to the altered fashion perception. Women today like to wear western clothing that is hassle-free and improves their movement. Morning saree tying is thought to be a difficult task. A lot of women believe that the saree requires a lot of preparation.

Myths vs Reality

Let’s examine the many misconceptions that are pushing sarees into obscurity as business attire.


It does require practice, just like anything else. Take a look at how swiftly and elegantly our mothers or grandmothers can drape a saree. Sarees offer a great deal of freedom because you can wear them draped any way you wish.

Not so formal- 

The issue is one of perspective. We now equate business suits with higher positions of authority and shifting trends in fashion. However, if we were to take a closer look, we would see that the majority of women who run corporate businesses choose sarees for formal occasions. What counts is how you wear your Designer Wholesale Surat Saree to work and how you approach your job.

Only for special occasions- 

No, actually. If the fabric and design are appropriate, they can be worn often. Due to a shift in perspective, we have only recently started to connect sarees with weddings and celebrations. Because of this, when it comes to professional dress, we only consider sarees suitable for special events. Consider how you may motivate yourself to beat the Monday blues by donning a chic and classy saree drape to start the week off right. Or, for that matter, changing something mid-week that improves your mood just as you start to feel fatigued

It’s old-fashioned- 

A Designer Wholesale Surat Saree is without a doubt the most intriguing clothing option. A saree in your professional wardrobe gives your outfit a unique twist. You can add some fresh air to the workplace when the majority of your coworkers are wearing the same dull business suits. That’s exciting, isn’t it?

Tips to Style your Designer Wholesale Surat Saree for that Corporate Look

While the majority of us find it extremely simple to design our saree for social occasions like weddings, parties, or festivals, we believe the saree is not an outfit that works well in a professional setting. In actuality, how to style a saree for work is an entirely different game. And if it’s done incorrectly, it may have a bad impact on your persona. The good news is that it’s not too tough. It’s fairly easy to understand and uncomplicated. Simply make some informed decisions. To make things easier, we will concentrate on each of the elements that will enable you to achieve an ultra-smart, office-chic image while wearing a saree.


Select the Right Designer Wholesale Surat Saree Type

Not all designer saree styles and textures are suitable for an office. Avoid wearing any form of glittering, flashy sarees. However, if you select sarees made of natural materials, you can never go wrong. The greatest options for office-wear sarees include handloom cotton, cotton silk, khadi, linen, raw silk, and tussar. Whether you choose designs or solid colours, classic weaves always lend a sense of style and refinement. Smaller prints are preferable when choosing prints, yet there may be an exception depending on the pattern and design of the saree.

With a few modest adjustments to your makeup and accessories, you can wear linen, raw silk, or tussar sarees to an after-work party. Chiffons, in addition to the handwoven variants, can be a wonderful complement to your work wardrobe.

wholesale surat saree

Pair your Blouse Wisely

The blouse plays a significant role in your Designer Wholesale Surat Saree ensemble. It has the power to make or break your style score. Any type of flamboyant cuts and designs on the blouse should be avoided if one wants to appear professional. Keep it straightforward, understated, and chic. You have a choice of boat, collar, round, or v-neck necklines. Just be careful not to have a deep neck at the office. In the same vein, you can choose from long sleeves, quarter sleeves, or even sleeveless without appearing too daring. You can choose a matching colour blouse or a blouse with contrasting colours depending on the style and colour of the saree. All you have to do is pick a colour that blends in rather than stands out.

Accessorize Smartly

Accessories are always necessary for sarees. However, we must make wise accessory selections for workplace attire. When we choose accessories, we don’t necessarily have to pack them to the hilt. The key is to strike a balance. If you choose a hefty neckpiece, you can wear fewer bangles. Similarly, you can completely forgo wearing a necklace if you decide to wear a bold earring. The rule is to entirely stay away from anything sparkly. Natural stone jewellery or rusted silver jewellery are both options. Your office sarees look great with pearls as well, especially when they are made of silk or chiffon.

Additionally, you can accessorise your handcrafted sarees with plain wooden or terracotta jewellery. Yes, you should wear your watch to complete the official appearance. Invest in high-quality timepieces with straps made of gold, silver, and black leather. You now have the choice to match the appropriate one with any of your sarees.

Makeup and Hairstyle

This is the most crucial component of your office’s appearance. Avoid any type of dramatic, out-of-the-ordinary cosmetics or haircuts. The atmosphere in the office is significantly different from that of social gatherings or weddings. Always choose the makeup that is neutral and easy to apply. You should choose lipstick in neutral, pastel, or earthy tones. Simple kohled eyes with little drama will go well with your office saree. A clean and sleek hairstyle looks the best. Simple blow-dried hair is always the most effortless appearance that can suit your saree. You can also try elegant ponytails, basic braids, and high or low-bun hairstyles.


Follow the recommendations above to breathe new life into your office clothing. Sarees aren’t simply for festivals, weddings, and other social functions. Change the image and confidently display your corporate appearance in sarees.

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