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Border Design in Wholesale Saree Surat & Customization Options

Sarees are a tradition and an essential part of ethnic wear in India. A single piece of material, designed to drape around a person, can be done in so many different styles and methods, that the saree is known to be one of the most versatile attires in the world. With constant changes in the fashion industry, fusions and other types of combinations are popular. This has led to a drastic increase in the variety and sales of wholesale saree Surat markets.

In this blog, we at SM Creation will walk you through border designs, patterns, customizations, and the effectiveness of purchasing wholesale catalog sarees to uplift your wardrobe. 


The Wholesale Saree Surat Market

The wholesale saree Surat market is notorious for having the widest range and collection of sarees. The catalog sarees in this market range from a variety of materials to a variety of patterns. For those who want to build a wardrobe entirely of different types of sarees for different occasions, this is the ideal place to shop for the essentials.

Surat is the textile hub of India. The quality of materials and the guarantee of the right pricing are what make the city a go-to place for fashion. 

With the abundance of textiles and Surat being able to keep up with different fashion trends from around the world, there has been a significant growth of e-commerce sites. E-commerce sites for the trading or even selling of wholesale Surat sarees are quite popular not only among the people in India who are building their dream wardrobe, but also internationally.


Border Designs in Sarees

What makes a saree unique is not only the color combination or pattern that it has but also the border design. The use of embroidery and a variety of stitches can result in different border styles. Some of the common border designs for catalog sarees include the following.


Floral Embroidery Design

Floral designs are famous amongst Indian women due to the style that they bring to an outfit. There are two ways to embroider flowers: directly on the saree pattern or added in later. In the wholesale saree surat market, different types of designer borders are available with unique types of cuts and patterns. This type of design is bold and beautiful on sarees,


Scallop Border Design

A plain color saree with a designer border or silver or gold is what the scallop border design is all about. Available in a variety of widths, these sarees accentuate the look of any saree. Intricate scallop designs are available with matching blouses. Scallop patterns are quite popular in organza sarees. These types of catalog sarees are ideal for functions and special events.

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Foil Border Design

Foil designs are directly representative of sarees that are built for special occasions and functions. These are illuminating and shiny, they can be broad or thin depending on the type of saree. They are a perfect match for silk-type sarees and give the wearer an extravagant appearance. Elegant and versatile embroidery work are always used in decorating heavy sarees. These sarees are unique from one another and are eye-catching.


Zari Work Design

Zari work is the most common type of catalog saree border design. In the wholesale saree Surat, these types of designs are dominant. Zari work popularly decorates the borders of Kanjivaram and Banarasi sarees,The base and border color and design of sarees are what distinguish them from one another.

Zari borders give sarees an ethical, modern, and cultural look, which is why they are preferred. Silk was chosen to be one of the first embroidery choices for a border design. Since then, more advanced, complex, and unique zari work catalog sarees have been made and sold in the Indian market.


Mirror, Chikankari, and Pearl Border Design

In the wholesale Surat saree market there are a variety of sarees with different border designs available. Apart from the traditional sarees with embroidery as their border, there are mirror and pearl borders also available. These are part of a unique catalog saree collection. The sarees catalog with price is different from ordinary everyday-wear sarees. 

Chikankari is the popular textile chosen for saree borders. For women who want to fill up their wardrobes with wholesale sarees from Surat, this type of saree is a must-have.


Customization Options for Sarees

There is nothing better than customizing a saree as per one’s requirements and vision. Just like lehengas, and even different types of kurtis, customized clothes always fit better and give off a vibe of elegance. The wholesale saree Surat market allows the picking and choosing of different types of textiles, borders, colors, and embroidery work that one could want in their saree.

Wholesale surat saree e-commerce websites allow customers to build their saree for any event. Be it for corporate events or a special occasion, there is a saree that is going to fit perfectly for it. 

Customizing the border of catalog sarees is what adds uniqueness and the final touch to the attire. The border is a representation of the style that the wearer is trying to go for. Depending on the embroidery or the added work of a saree there are customization types of borders.


In Conclusion,

Border designs are an essential element in a saree. They not only enhance the overall look of the saree and give it a special touch, but accentuate the outfit itself. Indian textiles have developed to the stage that there are different types of borders that one can opt for from their catalog sarees. We at SM Creation present a wide range of sarees that are ideal to build the perfect ethnic wardrobe.

Customization is the need of the hour in the fashion industry. The more unique a look, the chicer it is for occasions. Customizing a saree to the exact vision of the wearer is something that wholesale saree Surat markets can achieve easily. Build your ideal saree wardrobe with the wide range of saree collections from SM Creation today.

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