Versatile, Elegant and Festive Saree Catalogs for Gudipadwa Festival

    If you are looking for the Saree catalogs for Celebrating Gudipadwa which is around the corner now, keep reading this! 


While the joy of a novel wardrobe is always there, fashion is the constant that changes with every season. Fashion runways in industries have been showcasing exotic fusion and fresh takes on vintage Indian styles, while social media is flooded with countless variations on sarees, bridal lehengas, Kurtis, and other traditional garments. 


Fashion all around the world is seeming like going back to the culture of wearing different types of sarees even on fashion ramps! Let’s discover the Saree Catalogs that SM Creation is bringing to you on this occasion of Gudipadwa.


As they say ‘Old is Gold’- SM Creation is bringing to you the cultural touch with the exclusive Saree catalogs to celebrate the Gudipadwa with a mixture of old culture and newly found fashion. 


There are different types of Sarees we have in this season’s saree catalogs. Few sarees are named after the cloth that’s being used for making the sarees and few are named after the places where it’s been produced. Having different background stories and cultural as well as traditional references to Sarees, it is coming back in trend, again and again.


We have various kinds of sarees like- Banarasi saree, Paithani silk saree, Kanveejaran saree, Kasavu saree, Jamdani saree, Bandhani saree, Muga silk saree, Kalamkari saree, Sambalpuri Saree, Patola saree, Lehriya Saree and many more! And according to the places, there are different ways of wearing the sarees as well. 


Let’s get into the Saree catalogs by SM Creation, without further ado. 




The cotton saree is a simple format, hand-weaved piece to create 6 yards of elegance. Cotton is the most favored texture in the realm of sarees. It comes in all varieties from basic to the most luxurious designs. Wearing cotton sarees might get you exquisite attention in a group of people at parties and even at weddings.


Right from a family lunch to a friend’s get-together to a birthday party, a perfect cotton saree can bring a sophisticated fashion game on point! 


Cotton sarees are not only comfortable but highly affordable, perfect for Indian women, easy to maintain, and best part of all, nowadays it has a lot of variety as well. 


A bunch of Cotton sarees is a must from the saree catalogs to make sure you don’t run out of cotton sarees, after all, how many cotton sarees are enough cotton sarees?

Versatile, Elegant and Festive Saree Catalogs for Gudhipadwa Festival



  • Silk Saree catalogs-


Silk yarn is naturally produced by cocoons of mulberry silkworms- this process is known as Sericulture. With different designs and different colors, we get plenty of varieties of silk sarees in the market. 


Generations and generations of Indian women have been adoring the rustic charm of raw silk sarees which is definitely amusing. There are types of silk sarees, like- Kanchipuram silk, Tussar silk, Banarasi silk, Gadwal Silk, Ikkat silk, etc. and all look beautiful when you wear them! 


There is a large group of women who are absolutely in love with hand-weaved silk sarees, which is the age-old tradition of weaving silk sarees with hand-weaving looms. And the young generation has found its heart, too in these sustainable silk sarees, which also have a lot of varieties.

You can get silk sarees wholesale at SM Creation. You can visit the website and get a clearer idea about your favorite silk saree from the festive saree catalogs. 


  • Chiffon Saree catalogs-

Wearing a chiffon saree is like wearing 6 yards of elegance with a transforming stunning look when walking into a party. The variety in the colors and patterns you can find in chiffon sarees is infinite and incredible. 


Chiffon saree catalogs from SM Creation are unbelievably stunning. Looks wise these sarees are very pretty and light in weight as well as super breezy fabric. Chiffon sarees can be worn at parties and even to the workplace too. Chiffon sarees are easy to carry around when accessorized properly.

The Chiffon saree with gota-patti work on the edges, zardozi floral buttis on the edges, and hand-embroidered cut dana will help elevate the beauty of the look altogether.

You can achieve the perfect look for a party or even for a traditional occasion like celebrating Gudipadwa by pairing it with appropriate jewelry and the right amount of face makeup. 


However, you can achieve an elegant look with a plain chiffon saree as well, since designer chiffon sarees are taking over the minds of young women these days. Also, without designer sarees, you can make a statement look with the plain chiffon sarees if paired with bold looks.



  • Banarasi Silk Saree catalogs-


Banarasi Sarees are the most ornate and graceful pieces of cloth worn across the country on special traditional occasions. Especially at weddings and other important occasions. Varanasi city is the house of production of these exclusive sarees. This city has unique and ancient techniques for weaving the most loved Banarasi silk sarees in the world.


Hindu and Mughal art inspires the textile industry on large scale. That is why the design of the Banarasi Silk saree is inspired from. The elegance is impeccable and so is love for the Banarasi silk sarees among the women of India. Right from celebrities in the Bollywood industry to the brides at their weddings.


Banarasi sarees are not just for big occasions or for bridal wear. You can wear Banarasi sarees for all the ceremonies we have at Indian weddings. Like- Haladi, Mehendi, Sangeet parties, or Cocktail nights and whatnot! You can wear these Banarasi sarees from SM Creation’s Saree catalogs in the winter and also in the summer.

Overall, there are no limits on the occasion or the seasons, or even reasons for wearing the elegant Banarasi beauty! You can choose your whole Banarasi saree catalog at SM Creation. And get ready to welcome prosperity on the occasion of Gudipadwa!



  • Printed Saree catalogs-


The printed sarees are not new in the saree culture! There are various types and varieties of designs in the sarees when it comes to this section. 


Here is the point where traditional wear meets the modern arts and designs. As all other generations of women have been in love with this pattern, the young generation loves this pattern too. Having said that, there are ways that you can put these printed sarees in traditional ways. And when paired with junk jewelry and boots you could pull the bold look with the same. 


The young generation is getting introduces to the culture and age-long tradition of sarees via various ways emerging in fashion. And that is how sarees have become a major part of sustainable fashion as well. Talking about sustainable fashion- sarees are being made out of plant-based resources, called Vegan Sarees. The vegan print sarees are the ones seeing large changes in the era of veganism! 


Making sure that everyone in humankind keeps falling in love and stays in the same state of adoration for sarees; they have seen a lot of cultural changes and adapted them well with time. Also have been maintaining cultural, and traditional elegance, comfort, and solace for generations. 


Check your wardrobe and shop for new designs, and patterns of sarees of various kinds to celebrate your Gudipadwa from the new saree catalogs of SM Creations

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