Indian Wedding Readymade Dresses Wholesale Online : Love for A Red Bridal Saree!

Most of the things that comprise our culture and dress choices in India are more symbolic than most outsiders would assume. Everything, from the cloth itself to the colours we wear, has deeper implications than meets the eye. This symbolism may also be found in other parts of our fashion culture, ranging from the colours we wear for major events to the brilliant red colours of ethnic Indian weddings Readymade Dresses Wholesale Online. This piece delves into the nature of Indian brides’ obsession with red.

Indian Weddings & Wedding Readymade Dresses Wholesale Online

Weddings are a major issue in India, and so is our dress sense for many occasions. While red is the colour of choice for brides (and we’ll get to it in a minute), let’s look at the dresses themselves.

What is a Traditional Indian Wedding Dress?

What does an Indian bride wear to her wedding ceremonies (usually multiple!)?

In this part, we’ll address these and other questions.

The bride’s main wedding ceremonial dress is a bridal lehenga. Most brides choose a red bridal gown with a colourful sari to complement it. SM Creation sells the Saree catalogue wholesale at affordable prices.

Unlike in Western societies where white is dominant, Indian brides avoid wearing white wedding gowns since the colour white is generally associated with grief in Indian tradition.

Wedding readymade dresses wholesale online lehengas are typically embroidered with exquisite motifs such as gold, gems, and other precious stones. Finally, the bride completes her look with a colourful sari or headscarf, as well as gorgeous and costly jewellery.

But it isn’t all;

In most situations, weddings in India consist of three separate events.

These include the Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies, as well as the wedding ceremony, which is followed by the wedding celebration. This multi-day celebration typically lasts three days and includes elaborate rituals and events such as;

Misri: the first event, in which the engaged couples exchange flower garlands and prayers.

Sangeet celebration; a song and dance gathering attended by women from both sides of the family.

Mehndi is a henna ceremony attended exclusively by ladies the day before the wedding.

While Mehndi and Sangeet can be combined, other ceremonies may include Mangalsutra, Haldi, Laja Homa, and Mandap, among others.

At most of these celebrations, brides wear red, but it can be mixed with orange, gold, pink, blue, wholesale salwar kameez, burgundy, and other colours. These are more common at wedding receptions than at weddings themselves.

Why Red? – What Indian Brides See in the Red Color

What is good in one culture may be quite different in another.

Even while some brides try to stand out by wearing colours other than red, you’ll rarely see an Indian bride wear white at her wedding. For the most part, crimson is the sole charm needed to slay on their wedding day. You may be wondering why.

Red has a lot of significance in Indian culture.

While it is well recognised as the colour of love, it can also represent other things, such as;

  1. Passion
  2. Courage
  3. Strength
  4. Prosperity
  5. Happiness
  6. New beginnings, etc.

In Indian tradition, red colour stands for happiness. As a result, it has received a lot of attention at weddings, religious celebrations, and rituals.

According to Brides, Indian monks and hermits were the first to wear red clothing about the third millennium. Women did not wear red to weddings until the 16th century, during the Mughal era. The Mughal era had a significant impact on Indian fashion and culture, which continues until this day.

But that’s not all;

The colour red is associated with the Hindu goddess Durga, who is associated with new beginnings and feminine power. This has contributed to the belief that red represents fresh beginnings and wealth, particularly for the woman who would leave her family to live with her husband’s family – unquestionably a new beginning.

Perhaps you’d prefer to try something different?

There are methods around this if you’re the type who wants to do things uniquely and differently and would prefer something other than red, the colour for most people.

You Can Experiment With Red Readymade Dresses Online

More designers are now creating alternative types and patterns of bridal lehengas that bring other colours into the fold. While you don’t have to abandon red totally, you might choose anything that incorporates red to keep traditions in order.

While red is the most frequent colour for Indian clothing and costumes, it’s not uncommon to see brides wearing garments in other significant colours such as gold, orange, blue, and others on their wedding day. After all, it’s your day!

Can Guests Wear Red To Indian Weddings?

We noted that red is typically the colour of choice for weddings. However, it should be noted that guests are frequently asked to dress in colours other than red, regardless of how loud, bright, and vibrant such colours are.

The preceding is based on the concept that the bride owns the day and should be the centre of attention on her wedding day. Guests may wear other bright colours and fancy outfits, but wearing red is traditionally frowned upon and may be deemed disrespectful.

Why Do Indian Brides Wear Red?

For as long as we can remember, red has been the choice for Indian weddings. Everything for Indian brides is red, from the colour of the clothing to the choora and the newlywed aspects of sindoor and bindi. Even though modernists play with tradition by incorporating other colours into the traditional ensemble, the red position remains strong. But, if you’re asking why the colour is so important in our society, there isn’t a single crucial element that can support the centuries-old ritual.

#1 Astrology 

Mars, the red planet, is the planet in charge of marriage, according to astrology. As a result, the colour is thought to bring good luck, happiness, understanding, and a strong relationship between the pair after marriage. Marriage is the perfect time for her to wear this colour on her wedding day! As it brings about substantial changes in the life of a woman.

#2 Connection To Goddess Durga

Another interpretation of wearing red is that it reflects the Hindu Goddess Durga, a warrior Goddess who embodies commitment, strength, and bravery. The strong deity destroys Mahishasura and restores world peace and harmony. Likewise, it is expected that the newlywed woman will bring peace, tranquilly, and stability to her new household.

#3 Symbolic Connection

Symbolically, red is the most sacred colour for Hindus. In India, red represents auspiciousness, prosperity, good luck, and new beginnings. Also, before cultivation, the fertile soil has a faint reddish tint. We treat Earth like a mother. Similarly, only a woman can sustain life, therefore wearing red represents new life, well-being, and fortune. 


In Love With Red Wedding Readymade Dresses Wholesale Online

Love is life, and the colour red represents it.

Most Indian brides and their traditional Indian wedding gowns and saree catalogue wholesale 2022 agree on this point. Indians value and respect traditions, which explains why the practice of wearing red has persisted to the present day.

But, customs aside, who wouldn’t want to wear a bright red Indian wedding lehenga with exquisite makeup and lavish jewellery on such a momentous occasion as their wedding day?

Red has a certain allure that might be difficult to achieve with other colours. We adore weddings, and we adore how red makes brides look glam and exquisite on one of the most significant days of their lives.


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