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2023 Wedding Season Designer Sarees Guide for Women from SM Creation

Every year and every season is wedding season. If you’re one of the thousands of women looking to find the best possible outfit we’ve got you covered. Presenting an array of designer sarees that are the perfect match for all occasions and functions for this 2023 wedding season. 


Sarees are an all-time favorite for women. The attire has not only been part of the tradition and culture of India for centuries, but it is also the embodiment of class and elegance. There are several reasons why someone would want to wear a saree to a wedding, but designer sarees are a class apart for a reason. 


What’s the craze behind designer sarees?

There is a lot of difference between a normal saree and a designer saree. Though the primary difference might seem more than obvious to the naked eye, some really specific differences make designer sarees stand out. Especially on a special occasion where one has to dress to impress not only because the situation calls for it but because that is the norm of the event, a designer saree is a must. 

Some of the ways in which designer sarees are different from ordinary sarees include:


Different Fabric

Designer sarees are made from different materials as compared to normal sarees. A normal saree might be made from cotton, but these are made with very specific types of cotton. The fabric of the saree is different, i.e., it is better as compared to ordinary cotton, which is cheaper. Designer clothes require that amount of effort to find the right type of fabric as a base to work on.


More Intricate Work

These sarees have intricate work done on them. Designer sarees are made specifically, taking into account special occasions that require the attire to look stunning. As such, there is more handiwork that is done on the saree. In addition to the fabulous color combination that is chosen for the clothing, there are other ornamental elements that are additionally woven into the saree to make it stand out.


Are Usually Heavier

While many would say that designer sarees are not that heavy, most of the sarees that fall under this category are heavy. Designer clothing requires a particular and thorough process of draping and wearing. Since sarees already fall under the category of needing to be draped effortlessly, designer clothes require even more attention. The sarees that have more handiwork on them are likely to be heavier as compared to other sarees. In addition, based on the different types of designer styles and fabrics, the weight may change.

To be honest, having a saree belonging to this is more of a psychological demand. Weddings deserve new clothes, everyone looking their best, and nothing but beauty and elegance in the air. This is the prime reason why everyone wants to look their best. As a part of a wedding, the memories of the day are going to last for a very long time, so why not look your best?

designer sarees

What’s the saree fashion for this 2023 wedding season?

Sarees have undoubtedly changed and evolved over the years. In India history, there was a time when sarees were draped wtihout any blouses. It was the British who introduced this fashion trend for women. As a result, there are so many saree and blouse trends that have emerged over time that it’s difficult to determine which one is best for the wedding season. 

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of designer sarees that are going to rock this 2023 wedding season. The trend includes:


#1. Wrap-Around Sarees

There is an ongoing debate on whether to consider wrap-around sarees as part of the designer saree collection. The wrap-around saree is based on having ready-made sarees that are easy to wear and that still look elegant. This trend has picked up in recent years as it eliminates the need to spend time draping a saree. The best part about these sarees is that the original shape and way in which the saree should be draped is retained. Wrap-around sarees fall under the category of pre-stitched sarees.


#2. Lehenga-type Sarees

A combination of a saree and a lehenga. These types of sarees mix and match two of the most elegant types of Indian traditional clothing to make designer sarees. Though merged with lehengas, the element of sarees is more prominent in this type of clothing, thus making it retain its originality. These sarees are THE BEST for weddings and other important occasions, thanks to the addition of a cancan and a long dupatta around the waist that makes the saree stand out.

There are many other emerging trends when it comes to designer sarees for the wedding season. The type of saree that a person wears on an occasion depends on personal taste and comfort level. What’s more, a saree in itself is not enough to be a show-stopper during functions. The accessories that go with an outfit are the major contributors to making the fit come together. 


#3. Western Sarees

The concept may seem far-fetched but with the borders of fashion being tested on a regular basis this is a new type of saree. Western sarees are part of the designer collection of some top brands and designers in India. In fact, adding layers ot a saree, having different tops with the saree, adding belts and other elements, etc. are all part of this western look. Western sarees don’t look like regular sarees but are fashionable and are show-stoppers on their own.


Where can I get designer clothing for the 2023 wedding season?

Going to a designer to get designer clothing might seem like the obvious choice. But the fact is that there are multiple portals from which one can get their designer saree. The best bet at getting one designer piece of clothing without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money is through wholesale saree Surat

Wholesale e-commerce websites like SM Creation sell sarees and other categories of women’s clothing. These are the ideal places to get the best pieces of clothing at affordable prices. Being budget-friendly, these sites are great for listing wholesale saree catalogues for women. 


Are wholesale sarees a good investment?

Wholesale clothes are different from normal clothing in one aspect only. Wholesale items do not go through the process of travelling to stores. Whole websites host entire varieties of sarees that are available for purchase and are completely budget-friendly. The wholesale saree catalogue, in particular, is worth a look and comes with great deals. In addition to being completely budget-friendly, wholesale items also have great quality. Compared the store-bought clothes, there are more varieties and options available as well.

In India, wholesale saree Surat is the best destination for the purchase of normal and designer clothing. Surat is the city of Indian fashion and tradition. Wholesale websites and stores of Surat come with an authenticity guarantee of products representing the highest quality. 

The eCommerce website SM Creation is one of the prime locations from where anyone can order wholesale clothing items. The website has been commended for its user-friendly design, for the host of wholesale saree catalogues that it has, and for the quality of products that are kept. The myth about wholesale products not being up to the mark or the same in quality as retail products is busted.

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